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Viewing page: Server Setup Package
New from is the Server Setup Package (SSP). For a one-time fee we will set up your Linux VPS or Dedicated server from scratch to fully configured to run RadioBot, WebRequest, etc.

There are 3 levels of the package available:

Level 0 is included with any RadioBot purchase (one-time only, $9.99 thereafter) and includes setting up your server to run the bot (as well as AutoDJ/SimpleDJ).

Level 0 features:
  • Installation and base configuration of RadioBot (+ AutoDJ/SimpleDJ as needed).
  • Installing packages and libraries as needed with YUM/APT.
  • Setting up AutoDJ/SimpleDJ to use the MySQL Queue with an existing MySQL installation (only needed if you want to use WebRequest).
Level 1 includes everything from Level 0, as well as installing WebRequest (if you want to use it) and more advanced server setup.

Level 1 features:
  • Installation and configuration of WebRequest (if needed).
  • Installation and configuration of WebPlayer (if needed).
  • Setting up your SHOUTcast or Icecast server if it is going to be on your server (often the case in dedicated servers).
  • Setting up MySQL + a web server and PHP to run WebRequest (we usually recommend nginx for VPS and Apache for dedicated servers.)
  • Installing webmin (a free system administration tool that makes your life easier.)
  • Setting up a FTP server for uploading your music/files.
  • Configuring the Linux firewall to help secure your machine.
  • Hardening your SSH server settings.
  • Setting up basic Linux security to help prevent brute force hacking of your server. (*** Servers on popular hosting services are under automated attacks regularly ***)
Level 2 is a good choice if you also want to run your station's website on your VPS or dedicated server.

Level 2 includes everything from Level 0 and 1 as well as:
  • More advanced configuration of RadioBot such as ircbot.text customization, custom triggers, adding your existing DJs/admins to the bot for you, etc.
  • Basic installation of CMS/forums/wiki/whatever you want to power your site such as Joomla, phpBB, IP.Board, vBulletin, MediaWiki, etc.
  • Setting up POP3 and SMTP email services for your domain name on the server (including RBLs + SpamAssassin for anti-spam).
  • Setting up DNS for your domain on the server. I can also set you up with free 3rd party backup DNS service.
  • *** SSP Level 2 will take you from a bare server to a fully operational radio station in 1 step. Just add Live DJs if wanted and put your finishing touches and content on your CMS! ***

Ordering a Server Setup Package

A SSP can be ordered here.

Supported Technologies

SAM Broadcaster
Centovacast Control Panel
Mumble Chat Server
ID3v2 Tags
- Codecs -
Ogg Vorbis
Ogg Opus
FLAC Lossless Audio

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