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Welcome to

Welcome to the home of the ShoutIRC Radio Bot. The bot can interact with your IRC channel, Twitter, phpBB/vBulletin forums, Pidgin, and more. It will announce song/dj changes, take requests, and even Auto DJ on SHOUTcast, Icecast, and Steamcast when no one is doing it live. You can even let your listeners search songs and make requests. ShoutIRC was the first Auto DJ bot ever developed, and is still the best there is. It is capable of multiple networks (up to 16 IRC servers), multiple channels (up to 16 channels per IRC server, can be unique to each server), and much, much, more.

Click here for more information about RadioBot.

 WebRequest System v2.0.19 - Posted by [Indy] on 01-23-2021 at 09:28:38pm 
WebRequest System v2.0.19 is out now. Minor update but adds compatibility for PHP 7.4
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 RadioBot source code released! - Posted by [Indy] on 12-02-2020 at 08:03:59pm 
RadioBot is now open source under the GPLv3. You can get the source code at (PRs welcome for additions/fixes.)
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 RadioBot now available for Raspberry Pi 2 - Posted by [Indy] on 09-15-2015 at 09:36:35pm 
We now have a beta version of RadioBot available for the Raspberry Pi 2. It was compiled on Raspbian and you should use the Debian 7 instructions on the wiki for installation.
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 WebRequest v2.0.17 Released - Posted by [Indy] on 07-19-2015 at 08:37:49pm 
WebRequest v2.0.17 is now available and includes a new bootstrap-based template called dark_v2. dark_v2 has simpler and cleaner templates so making your own templates or modifications are easier than ever.

You can see the demo in action at
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 RadioGen - CMS with Web Request integration - Posted by [Indy] on 04-26-2014 at 12:44:06pm 
westjgames of Fillydelphia Radio is putting together a CMS with Web Request integration. For more information or to request a feature check out his thread at
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